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Winter Snow Removal – Bow Tie Power Washing Ltd
Winter Snow Removal2019-07-08T22:21:55+00:00


Winter Snow Removal

Beat the winter blues with Bow Tie Power Washing snow removal services. We assist Calgarians and people in surrounding areas with snow removal and ice melting at your residential or commercial property – all at a reasonable price!

It’s hard to find time after a long workday to get out and shovel on your own, and definitely an exhausting time doing it without any help. Due to the risk of slipping, heavy snowfall can put you and your family at risk when it is not removed in a timely manner. It may also be difficult to navigate around the city or even leave your home if snow is left to pile up. These risks and circumstances can put a strain on your otherwise cozy winter-living. The city of Calgary and surrounding areas have strict bylaws in regards to snow removal and we understand that it may be difficult to get outside in the deep freeze to meet those tight deadlines. Our team wants to ensure we give you peace of mind and take the shovelling off your plate and the snow out of your sight!

We use state-of-art snow removal equipment to get the job done faster!

Our team of professionals work together to not only remove the snow but ensure we do it within a reasonable timeframe. Bow Tie Power Washing offers state of the art equipment to remove heavy downfall of snow in a short time, leaving you extra time to cozy up next to the fireplace.

Our services include de-icing, snow removal, roadway defrosting, and the clearing of areas covering your residential or commercial property. We can help clear parkways, driveways, decks and even your roof to reduce the risk of structural damage from the weight of the snow. We use a combination of methods to ensure we leave you with snow-free property, ready for the next snowfall to come. We train our workers in plowing, scraping and application of salt and other ice-melting chemicals. Did you know a combination of brine and beet juice can help de-ice the snow on your driveaway? Check out some tips here that can help you prepare.

Let us help you enjoy the winter season!

Our comprehensive snow-removal and de-icing packages can be booked for the winter season, or alternatively, we are available on an on-call basis when you need us (depending on availability). To get your free quote or talk about your winter snow-removal package call us today and speak to a member of our team! We would be happy to assess your home and business property and provide you with a reasonable quote.

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