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Just fill out the form below! We absolutely LOVE to hear what our customers have to say!

At Bow Tie Power Washing, responsiveness is integral and we try to respond as fast as possible.

For improved response times, please give us a call at (403) 862-5687

The Bow Tie Standard

Heard of the gold standard of hard work? Now you have –  You’re looking at it. It’s here. Right now. At Bow Tie Power Washing, we have strong confidence backed by confident customers.

Time and time again, people are not satisfied with short-staffed, slow working, & expensive companies. When you are looking for a company you can work WITH at a reasonable rate, there never seems to be anywhere you can go – that is – until now!

Introducing the Bow Tie Standard …where we your money works overtime. We constantly impress customers and set higher standards which our competitors can only dream to keep up with. Why do we do this? Because when you hire us – you’re the boss, & we care.

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