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Our Certifications

& the many reasons to choose The Bow Tie Treatment

Phil Ackland provides training & certification which include our commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning certification. Click here to learn more.


At Bow Tie we study – and we study hard. In fact, we work so hard that we have a little something that what we like to call The Bow Tie Standard

Fancy, right? Don’t worry! We make it simple for you…

With certified and experienced technicians, Bow Tie Power Washing does a thorough job, the first time, every time.

We follow a three-step process: Be vigilant, get recognized, stay relevant – and what’s a better way to stay relevant than setting the standard?

We pay attention to our training. We focus our employees in the right niche, with the right teachers, to become the right professionals for you!

~ Vigilant ~ Recognized ~ Relevant ~

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